RCH Portal Login 2023

Department of Health & family welfare has initiated the RCH portal to offer quality service to children and pregnant women nationwide.

This facility is made to help women with issues in the childbirth process, pregnancy cycle, immunization, infertility, etc.

The well-being and safety of the child and mother have been ensured via the official portal, i.e., rch.nhm.gov.in, and the facilities for adolescent health care, child, newborn, maternal, reproductive, etc.

Overview of the RCH portal

To enduring the quality of service to pregnant women and children in the country, the Department of Health and Family has started the portal of RCH, with the help of which women and children of India can be benefited.

Apart from this menu, this portal will also deal with other information like infertility problems for women, the childbirth process, and the pregnancy cycle.

This portal is purely dedicated to the child and mother and includes both persons’ safety and well-being.

This informationreceived from the online portal will also be very information ND help to reduce infant mortality rate along with maternal mortality rate in India. This portal also facilitates early identification and tracking of beneficiaries via the reproductive life cycle.

What are the objectives of launching the RCH portal?

The Indian government has released an online portal for monitoring and implementing health schemes and for reducing maternal and infant mortality rates in India.

All information regarding family planning, child health, vaccination, and maternal health has been offered under the portal so that quality medical services can be provided for children and women.

The implementation of this portal has helped in improving the healthcare of the country. This portal has proved a boon for every woman as they will get many benefits from the information and facilities available on this online portal.

With the help of this portal, health workers will be able to prepare the Acton plan for the delivery of immunization services for newborns so that newborns can be vaccinated on time.

What are the features and benefits of the RCH portal?

  • The Department of Health & family welfare

 has launched the portal.

  • Vaccination, child health, maternal health, and family planning information have been made available on this beautiful portal.
  • It is launched to make sure that quality service for pregnant women and children in the country.
  • The portal created by the government will offer to be effective in reducing infant mortality rate and maternal rate of mortality.
  • The breeding life cycle will also offer a facility for the early identification and tracking of individual beneficiaries.
  • Only government offices will also be able to use this excellent portal, and it is not for ordinary citizens.
  • Preparation of reports for all pregnant women and identification of any kind of high-risk pregnancies among them. It has been possible only because of this portal.

RCH portal data entry

  • JSY PFMS Module
  • Direct data
  • Bank information
  • Child details
  • Data for pregnant women
  • Profile entry
  • Eligible couple requirements
  • Health provider/ASHA entry

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